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Great Place to Call Home

According to Real Estate News, Colorado Springs is  2nd in the nation as a great place to live. The scenic mountain backdrop makes living here very comfortable. A person may experience all four seasons in one day but that is part of the fun of living in a high plains desert area. 

Colorado Springs offers high quality living with wonderful opportunities for everyone. Enjoy the scenic walking trails with your family, friends and your pets, of course.

Education is very important to Colorado Springs. Our great schools offer a wide variety of programs for a strong education. Higher education is available in our local community colleges and universities. 

There is plenty of great dining and shopping all over the city. You will be able to enjoy a wide variety of food choices from fine dining services to fast foods. Shopping is readily available at any of the convenient shopping areas.

Colorado Springs is home to several military bases; Peterson Air Force Base, Fort Carson Army Post and the Air Force Academy. DOD Defense Contractors support the military services in the area. 

Dinky Smith Colorado Realtor

Dinky Smith Colorado Realtor
Dinky Smith Colorado Realtor

Providing Real Estate Services Since 2002

I have been helping to buy and sell homes since 2002. There is so much more to real estate than just signing a contract on a home and closing the deal.

There is a certain degree of psychology that goes into understanding the needs and wants of a client. As a licensed realtor, you learn to listen to what the client and move forward. The very first step is to get the right funding for the purchase of a new home for the buyer and then find it and then close. The seller wants to get the best price with the right buyer. The home must be ready to sell and then get it on the market. 

You can learn more about how to be a great buyer or seller on the Buyer and Seller pages! Contact me for a Courtesy Consultation to buy or sell a home. 

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These service providers will help you take the right steps to buy or sell a home.

These are the recommended service providers only. If you have your own service provider to help you in the right direction, that is great. 

Please let them know that Dinky Smith sent you to them as a referral service. 

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Residential Home Buying Tips

Buying a new construction home or a resale home can be a great deal of work. It can be very stressful. Here are some great tips to help you get ready to buy your new home. 

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Residential Home Selling Tips

Getting your home ready to sell is important. You want the best price for your home. Learn more about what it takes to get it ready to sell. Click to read more below. 

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