Pretty Creatures


Deer are amazing creatures to look at but if you are not careful your flower beds will become a wasted effort. Deer love flowers of almost any kind.

The deer in Colorado can be found almost anywhere in the area. Most of them are closer to the foothills which are on the west side of the city and the I-25.  There are a few that do find a crossover to “other” side but most are on the west side of the area.

What do you do if a deer approaches you? Stand hill and look it in the eye. It will sniff you for food like a dog does but will eventually walk away.You might even wake up to see one staring in your kitchen window. Don’t be alarmed, just watch. Your pets will go bonkers if a deer gets close to home but the deer will only stare and then run off.  Be sure to keep your pets safe from the deer. 

Other Creatures of the Land

There is a wide variety of wildlife near people but you cannot always see them. Racoons are notorious for hiding and waiting for the lights to go out. They are sneaky creatures. They like to collect many things that might be sitting around your porch or patio for their entertainment. 

Rabbits and squirrels are very visible little buggers. They just want to eat and be cute. Try not to run over them as you are driving home. 

Bear and mountain lions are the scariest. They are big and dangerous and have the ability to kill smaller animals and humans too. If you see one or more, scream and holler. That should be a great deterrent until you can escape. Try to never be alone in a wooded area where one might be living. Just be careful! 


If you like to be outdoors, remember… you may not be alone. There are animals and even a few snakes out there that could cause you harm. Be safe and never alone! 

While the trails in Colorado are breathtaking, they can also be dangerous. Always be cautious of four-legged and even two-legged creatures. 

Enjoy your neighborhood and be safe at all times.