Home Inspections


Why would I need a home inspection? It is an entitlement that you have when you are buying a home. As a buyer, you get to go through a home with (hopefully) a licensed home inspector to find all the good, the bad and the ugly about the home that you will be living in. 

Radon and mold testing are other great services provided by a home inspector. Your home inspector may also offer water testing, sewer scoping, meth and marijuana testing. The report put together by the home inspector gives you some negotiating power with the homeowner to fix the things wrong with the home (if there are any, of course). 

Home Inspectors are available to help you do phase-by-phase inspesction on a new construction home too. If you are getting a home warranty, have them inspect your home so that you will know what is or could go wrong in the near future. 

Sellers can get a pre-inspection done before listing their home to see what may need to be repaired before putting it on the market. Bette to be safe than sorry and surprised when a buyer is asking for repairs.

Your realtor (ME! ME!) reviews the report with you and together, a document is prepared and signed and sent off to the seller’s agent to present to the seller.

From there, an answer is returned with what the seller will do towards the repairs and have them done before closing day.

Call a NACHI certified Home Inspector for service.  

Make sure you ask for any discounts or coupons available.