Moving and Packing

There is probably nothing more dreadful than having to sort through your stuff. You collect stuff and then decide if you want to keep it, donate it or throw it away. Then… you need to pack it all up for the big move.

Moving is never fun. Boxes, tape dispenser, and labels get lost in the mix and you really want to get it all over and done with. What is a good rule of thumb? Keep it all and worry about it later, right? NO? OK!

Figure out a budget for what you can afford and then get the greatly needed help to keep you from losing your mind. Money might be short so have a yard sale and invite friends or family to come over and pick out what they want from the stuff that you don’t want. Easy right?

Here are a few links to help you find some help. Licensed bonded and insured is the safest way to pack when you are ready to go. Good luck and be careful lifting those heavy boxes around. 

Make sure you ask for any discounts or coupons available.